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District 5 AA

Serving Central Oregon Including: Bend, Burns, Chemult, Culver, John Day, LaPine, Madras, Metolius, Mt. Vernon, Prineville, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, Terrebonne, Tumalo & Warm Springs

Women's Step Study Retreat - Cove, OR - 10NOV18

2019 PRAASA Registration Forms



Happy Day D5!!!!!


Attached to this email you will find a PDF containing the registration forms in both English and Spanish for PRAASA 2019. PRAASA 2019 will be held in Irvine, CA March 1-3.


While that may seem like a long way off, it's not too early to start making room reservations! 


For those unfamiliar with the Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly (fondly known as PRAASA)! It is an annual service assembly held in the Pacific Region. The purpose of PRAASA is to develop greater unity among the members, groups, and areas of the Pacific Region, and to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences. PRAASA also serves to provide an opportunity for members to discuss pertinent aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous. You do not have to have a service commitment to attend. This event is open to ALL A.A. members!!


Please assist me in passing this information on to the fellowship.  Several members from OR Area will be there myself included. I hope to see you there too!



Yours in Love and Service,


Brad L

District 5 DCM




Link to 2019 PRAASA Registration Form  - English y Español (PDF)

68th General Service Conference (GSC) Final Report

Please find the 68th GSC report attached and the note concerning the printed version from the Area Delegate below.


Have a wonderful week!!!!!


Yours in Love and Service,


Brad L

District 5 DCM




Greetings OR Area!

Attached to this email you will find the anonymity-protected, digital version of the 2018 Conference Final Report in English and Spanish.

I’ve been informed that the printed version is delayed due to the following reasons: 

Our Publishing Department shares that it has taken longer than hoped to prepare this year’s Final Report. Essentially, there are two reasons for the longer-than-desired delay:


1.     The report is considerably longer than its predecessors, in part because of all the material related to the Manuscript issue which is included in full as part of the report of the General Service Board; additionally, by Conference action, the committee considerations of each committee, along with the delegate area highlights, are printed in their entirety, requiring additional time for translation, etc., whereas in prior years these aspects of the report were simply summarized; and

2.     The unusual confluence of events stemming from additional Conference actions that put 3 totally revised pamphlets, two completely new pamphlets, a bevy of other corrections and updates, and an every-other-year edition of the Service Manual (all of these items in 3 languages) on the publishing plate at the same time.


These factors were on top of the already rigorous schedule of regular reprints, newsletters, book updates, and revisions.


The print version has been put into the hands of the printer and should arrive at the end of September.



See you all in Welches!


Vera F

Oregon Area 58

Panel 68 Delegate





WEBSERVANT NOTE: these are large files...

Link to: 68th GSC Final Report (Anonymity Protected, English, PDF)


Le invitamos a la junta en español Alcohólicos Anónimos


El Distrito 5 CTF ha estado ayudando a las reuniones y paneles de AA de habla hispana en Bend y Madras.

Consulte su folleto reciente sobre una reunión de habla hispana en Bend que necesita ayuda, Los Primeros Pasos - los miércoles a las 6:45 p.m.


District 5 CTF has been assisting Spanish-Speaking AA Meetings and Panels in Bend and Madras. 

Please see their recent flyer about a Spanish-Speaking meeting in Bend, Los Primeros Pasos, that needs support, Wednesdays in Bend at 6:45 pm. 

Enlace al folleto Los Primeros Pasos Flyer (PDF)

Link to Los Primeros Pasos Flyer (PDF)

Home Away From Home Group

The Home Away From Home Group (HAFHG) of Alcoholics Anonymous meets every Thursday, from 7-8: 30 pm, and Sunday, from 2-3: 30 pm, in Deer Ridge Correctional Institute (DRCI) -- a men’s minimum/ medium security prison near Madras OR. Meeting attendance ranges between ~8-40 inmates of varying lengths of sobriety. Thursday meetings are AA literature based. The third Sunday is a speaker/ open discussion meeting. Other Sundays are open discussion meetings. The first Sunday of the month we hold our business meeting and also celebrate milestones in sobriety.


The Home Away From Home Group needs volunteers! We currently rely on approximately five AAs to cover the 104 meetings scheduled for 2018. We have not had a “dark night” -- meetings canceled due to insufficient volunteer coverage -- in years. We urgently need AAs -- women or men -- to make firm, sustained commitments to help maintain this corrections group. AAs interested in attending the HAFHG must first be cleared to enter the facility as a “visitor” before beginning the process to become a “badged volunteer.” Visitor clearance normally takes 1 week; completing all requirements for volunteer credentials can often be done in 3-6 months. Please contact volunteers: Tim C, (541) 610-6404 for information on supporting the HAFHG with your physical presence.


New AAWS Grapevine YouTube Page


New Video for Employment/HR Professionals from AA General Service

The Archives Committee Needs your help!!!

Preservation and history of our experience is vital to those yet to come.  Would you like the District 5 Archives display or an Archives presentation to come to your home group or activity?  Do you have something from the past that you would like to add to our Archives? Would your home group consider developing a written record of its history?  Is there an “old-timer” in your home group whose story should be preserved? For details, contact your District 5 Archive Chair at:

Spread the word with this flyer!!!

District 5 AA Meetings

Exciting News!!!!

District 5 Meetings are now on the Meeting Guide App.  Find out more here!! 

Find a Meeting via the Web

24 Hour Hotline


Are you struggling with alcohol? Talk to someone that understands. We're here to help... Give us a call.

I Have Hope

My World


¿Necesitas ayuda?

Be of Service

We Need Your Help!!

Being of service and carrying the message are an important part of sobriety.

 Find out how you can be of service today!  

Contact your group's General Service Reps (GSR), or get in touch with the District Committee Members (DCM).

DCM:  Brad L                   

Alt. DCM:  Bonnie C        

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