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District 5 AA

Serving Central Oregon, Including: Bend, Burns, Chemult, Culver, John Day, LaPine, Madras, Metolius, Mt. Vernon, Prineville, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, Terrebonne, Tumalo, & Warm Springs 

Area Challenge

$7.40 on 7/4

July 4th, 2018

In 2017 GSO provided services to 1,381,954 A.A. members at a cost of $10,222,650. That's $7.40 per A.A. member for the whole year! If every member contributed $7.40 once, it would support all of the services GSO provides to all groups, for one year!

Here's how the challenge works:
Groups pass a Special Basket or Can in addition to the regular 7th Tradition. Each member contributes $7.40 (or round it up to $8 to help those who can't). Individual members can send money or contribute online any time.  Remember this is in addition to what you put in the basket to support your group.

$7.40 on 7/4 --- easy to remember!

On July 4th each group collects the contents of the can or basket and writes a check (or money order) ** for the amount contributed. Be sure to enclose the form with your payment to get credit for your contribution.
Send your share.
Meet the Challenge!

Find more information here:

2018 Challenge Announcement

2018 Challenge Flyer

2018 Challenge Can Label

District Service Needs You

Happy Thursday Everyone,


I would like to reiterate the fact that the District Committees are in need of help.  Help is needed to do all the current work that has been established and there are so many other ways that the committees can carry the message if they only had the hands to help do it.


One way to that was discussed at the June District meeting to encourage service committee work is to create positions within the homegroup.  Imagine how much help there would be if each group in the district had a Public Information position, a Treatment Facilities position, CPC position, and an Archives position and those members elected to those positions within your home group served on the district committees.  It really isn't any different than having a Grapevine Representative, or Chips and Literature position. 


I am attaching the AA pamphlet "The A.A. Group".  I would encourage you to read the entirety of the pamphlet if you haven't as with all A.A. literature it is full of wonderful information.  


I would like to draw your attention specifically to Pg 19 and the section titled "What Trusted Servants (Officers) do we need?"  I hope that you will find value in this information and will consider discussing it within your groups.  


Please continue to announce the need for committee help within the district at the meetings you attend.  I have found it helpful to also to share that the commitment can be tailored to fit your availability.  The commitment can be as little as 1-2 hours every 3 months or as much as you are able to do.  Every little bit of help counts.  

Brad L


Link:  The AA Group... Where It All Begins

NEW! District 5 AA Archives Flyer (PDF)

Home Away From Home Group

The Home Away From Home Group (HAFHG) of Alcoholics Anonymous meets every Thursday, from 7-8: 30 pm, and Sunday, from 2-3: 30 pm, in Deer Ridge Correctional Institute (DRCI) -- a men’s minimum/ medium security prison near Madras OR. Meeting attendance ranges between ~8-40 inmates of varying lengths of sobriety. Thursday meetings are AA literature based. The third Sunday is a speaker/ open discussion meeting. Other Sundays are open discussion meetings. The first Sunday of the month we hold our business meeting and also celebrate milestones in sobriety.


The Home Away From Home Group needs volunteers! We currently rely on approximately five AAs to cover the 104 meetings scheduled for 2018. We have not had a “dark night” -- meetings canceled due to insufficient volunteer coverage -- in years. We urgently need AAs -- women or men -- to make firm, sustained commitments to help maintain this corrections group. AAs interested in attending the HAFHG must first be cleared to enter the facility as a “visitor” before beginning the process to become a “badged volunteer.” Visitor clearance normally takes 1 week; completing all requirements for volunteer credentials can often be done in 3-6 months. Please contact volunteers: Tim C, (541) 610-6404 for information on supporting the HAFHG with your physical presence.


Link: ===>  PDF File Format Flyer

General Service Office - NY

24 Hour Hotline


Are you struggling with alcohol? Talk to someone that understands. We're here to help... Give us a call.

I Have Hope

My World


Be of Service

We Need Your Help!!

Being of service and carrying the message are an important part of sobriety.

 Find out how you can be of service today!  

Contact your group's General Service Reps (GSR), or get in touch with the District Committee Members (DCM).

DCM:  Brad L                   

Alt. DCM:  Bonnie C        

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