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Alcoholics Anonymous

Area 58, District 5-Serving Central Oregon Including: Bend, Burns, Chemult, Culver, John Day, LaPine, Madras, Metolius, Mt. Vernon, Prineville, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, Terrebonne, & Tumalo

Professionals Workshop CPC

Beginners Orientation

Beginners Orientation
This AA Orientation is for New People, and/or the Professional Community
The format includes:  
*An introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous
*An AA Speaker sharing about their beginning into the program
*20 minutes of Q&A (There is no such thing as a bad question)

Last Saturday each month at 10:30am Pacific
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Meeting ID: 840 3911 3545
Passcode: 164164

General Service Office Financial Issue


Due to the effects of the Covid 19 measures GSO Revenues are significantly under projections. As a result a draw-down against the strategic reserve has been necessary. It is hoped that the Fellowship can reduce or eliminate this issue through contributions and literature sales. Please circulate this information.




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Online Meeting Information and Guides

Information available from the 69th General Service Conference

The 69th General Service Conference's Electronic-Interim-Report-Anonymity Protected, (English & Spanish), General Service Board's Treasure Report, and the internal communication Audit are available for download on the Area 58 website on the Delegate's page.


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The D5 Treatment Committee of Alcoholics Anonymous Needs Your Help!

The District 5 Treatment Committee is in urgent need of your help. Please take this to your groups, discuss it, bring it up at your business meeting, and spread the word to others. You can contact Tim C. with any further questions. His contact information is below. Thank you for considering this opportunity to be of service.




Basic Facts:

St Charles Bend has no official detox unit

Currently, ~50% of beds on the Hospital’s 4th floor are occupied by alcohol & drug patients

AA had no presence in St Charles facilities for over 25-years

An AA committee (CTF) has facilitated a weekly panel at St Charles since Oct 2018

This panel runs from 1:30-2: 45 pm every Saturday

It presently appears on the COIGAA meeting schedule as “CTF Saturday Speakers”

It is open to all and affords a scheduled “meeting” at a time when there are no others  



How You Can Help:

Have your homegroup “sponsor” 1x Saturday every other month

This translates to only 6x Saturdays per year for a 1-year commitment

No solid commitment is needed upfront! We can simply try it out!


What Is Involved:

Have 1x homegroup member, sober in AA, act as a Coordinator/ Facilitator

The Coordinator/ Facilitator would coordinate 2-3x speakers to share their experience with the AA Program of Recovery for ~15-minutes at the speaker panel/ discussion meeting

The Coordinator/ Facilitator would also announce the upcoming speaker panel/ discussion meeting at your homegroup, as well as other meetings they attend

The Coordinator/ Facilitator would run the speaker panel/ discussion meeting, much like a meeting secretary


How the CTF Committee Will Support Your Group:

Maintain the cooperative relationship with St Charles Hospital, the host facility

Provide AA literature packets and Big Books for distribution at the speaker panel/ discussion meeting

Provide, and/ or cooperate with your group to develop a Format for the speaker panel/ discussion meeting

Help connect your group to other AAs in District and Area also committed to carrying the AA message into treatment/ medical facilities

Ensure the scheduled speaker panel/ discussion meeting happens


Thank you for considering this service request!  Please let me know how I can help connect you and your group to still suffering alcoholics


Tim C, for District 5 CTF,  541-610-4431,

Basic Information re: CTF Committee & Speaker Panels



The District 5 CPC Committee Needs Help



                                                                         Click for information.


The Archives Committee Needs your help!!!

Preservation and history of our experience is vital to those yet to come.  Would you like the District 5 Archives display or an Archives presentation to come to your home group or activity?  Do you have something from the past that you would like to add to our Archives? Would your home group consider developing a written record of its history?  Is there an “old-timer” in your home group whose story should be preserved? For details, contact your District 5 Archive Chair at:

Spread the word with this flyer!!!

New Video for Employment/HR Professionals from AA General Service

Singleness of Purpose

"The Primary purpose of any A.A. group is to carry the A.A. message to alcoholics.  Experience with alcohol is one thing all A.A. members have in common.  It is misleading to hint or give the impression that A.A. solves other problems or knows what to do about drug addiction."

24 Hour Hotline


Are you struggling with alcohol? Talk to someone that understands. We're here to help... Give us a call.

A.A. Public Service Announcements

District 5 AA Meetings

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Be of Service

A.A. Needs Your Help!!

If you are an A.A. member and would like to get involved in the service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous, attend your group's business meeting.  Make yourself available to be your group's GSR (General Service Representative), come to the next District Business Meeting and/or get in touch with the District Committee Member (DCM).

DCM:  Bonnie C              

Alt. DCM:  Kyle R