District 5 A.A.

Area 58 - Central Oregon

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Contribute To Districts 5 A.A.

This is the online contribution page for District 5 Alcoholics Anonymous.  If you would rather send a contribution by mail, the address is:

District 5 General Service Committee
P.O. Box 7241
Bend, OR 97708


As one of our 12 Traditions, we only accept contributions from members of AA and from AA groups.  Limiting contributions to members only allows us to take responsibility in a way we did not before we got sober.

We are occasionally asked if family members and friends of alcoholics in recovery can contribute.  While we appreciate their desire to help in this way, A.A. as a whole has decided to be self-supporting, relying on only contributions from members.  Again, we do not accept donations.  Please only contribute if you are a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Are you a member of Alcoholics Anonymous or contributing on behalf of your A.A. home group?