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A.A. District 5 Current GSR's and Home Groups

The General Service Representative (GSR) has the job of linking his or her home group with AA as a whole. The GSR represents their home group at the district and area levels, bringing the groups' thought, news and problems to the District Committee Member (DCM) and to the Area Delegate, who then passes them on to the conference. In return, the GSR brings back to their home group the information and remedies that affect AA-unity, health, and growth. To the extent that a GSR keeps the group informed, then expresses the group conscience, only then can the Conference be assured it is acting for AA as a whole. Ideally, all groups should make every effort possible to have an alternate GSR.

Thank you to our current GSR's representing their home groups in A.A. District 5:

  • Firing Line GroupAmanda B.
  • Home Away From Home GroupPilar T.C.
  • New Horizons GroupBeth M.
  • Men's Book Study Group - Reed K.
  • Redmond Early Risers GroupKimber J. 
  • Redmond Early Risers Group John S./Alt. GSR      
  • Safe Harbor GroupHelen W.
  • Sisters in Sobriety GroupJill B.
  • Sunday Morning Serenity GroupLauren S.
  • Wednesday/Friday/Sunday (WFS) GroupBrenna L.
  • Wednesday/Friday/Sunday (WFS) GroupAnders/Alt. GSR 

​Interested in becoming a GSR for your home group?  Contact our District Committee Member,
Carrie B., for more details: or (541) 788-7276.


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