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About general Service Representative

“The General Service Representative (GSR) has the job of linking his or her home group with A.A. as a whole. The GSR represents the voice of the group conscience, reporting the group’s thoughts to the District Committee Member (DCM) and to the Delegate, who passes them on to the conference. The communication is a two-way street, making the GSR responsible for bringing back to the group Conference Actions that affect unity, health, and growth. Only when a GSR keeps the group informed, and communicates the group conscience, can the Conference truly act for A.A. as a whole.”
 - The A.A Service Manual, pg. S26

Through your elected District Committee Member (DCM) and the Oregon Area Delegate, you will become the two- way link between your group and the world of AA as a whole. As such, you and your fellow GSRs all over the world have become the key to the unity of AA.  You will learn more about General Service, which is based on THE THREE LEGACIES of RECOVERY, as outlined in the Twelve Steps; UNITY, as outlined in the Twelve Traditions; and SERVICE, as outlined in the AA Service Manual Combined With Twelve Concepts For World Service.

By your active presence in General Service, you will be helping to ensure that AA will still be here for future generations of suffering alcoholics.

More information about the role of a GSR can be found in the AA General Service manual and in the GSR pamphlet by GSO.

When You’re a General Service Representative (G.S.R.)

You are linking your home group with the whole of A.A. In 1950, a new type of trusted servant, “group representative,” was suggested to help in the selection of delegates to the newly formed General Service Conference. By 1953, the job of group representative was also seen as a good means of exchanging up-to-date information be- tween individual groups and “Headquarters” (now the General Service Office). That’s still an important side of your work. But now, as general service representative, you have an even bigger responsibility: You transmit ideas and opinions, as well as facts; through you, the group con- science becomes a part of “the collective con- science of our whole Fellowship,” as expressed in the General Service Conference. Like every- thing else in A.A., it works through a series of simple steps. (For the complete picture in detail, read The A.A. Service Manual.)
 -General Service Representative pamphlet (P-19) Copyright © 2018 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Your First Steps

The first thing you should do is contact the District Committee Member at and provide your contact information to ensure that you are receiving the district communications.  This information will include meeting minutes, treasurer’s reports, upcoming events, special announcements, etc.

Attend the very next district meeting. You can find the next A.A. District 5 meeting on our calendar.

Next, you will need to fill out a group change form.  This will notify the General Service Office (GSO) of the new contact information for your group.  And your home group has its own specific group number.  You can search for that number here.  If you do not find your group listed then your group has not been registered with GSO.  You will need to fill out the new group form for your home group.

Please fill out the form as accurately as you can.  Any errors, typos or omissions may delay or halt the process.  Upon completion of the form please submit it to the Alternate DCM via email: or bring it with you to the next district meeting.  The Alternate DCM will check the form for accuracy and submit it to the registrar. Within a few weeks, you should start receiving correspondence from GSO.  You will receive the newsletter “Box 459”, your group’s contribution reports, and most importantly your GSR kit.  Please let the Alternate DCM know when you have received your GSR kit.  If you do not receive your GSR kit within 2 months please contact the Alternate DCM so that they can follow up with the registrar.

While you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your GSR kit you can view the contents of the kit and review the materials in it on the AAWS Website.  Another resource you will find valuable is the GSR School Workbook.  We suggest you read the workbook and bring any questions you may have to the next district meeting.  

Monthly District Meetings

District meetings are held once a month and dates are times can be found our our calendar. These meetings are where the district conducts its business. Reports are heard from the elected officers and the committee chairs. Discussions of the business of the previous or upcoming assembly, discussions of group problems/successes, and discussions of special events such as a workshop that the district may be organizing for the general fellowship are common as well.

Most importantly are the reports from the GSRs of the groups. Here are some things you could report on at the district meeting:

  • Any new group officers or other position holders.
  • Who is your Alternate GSR.
  • What the average attendance is a group meeting.
  • How you group divides its funds for contributions.
  • Any problems the group may be facing such as having to move, court referrals, dual diagnosis members, (alcoholism coupled with mental illness), non-alcoholic addicts, lack of interest in service, etc.
  • Any successes, things that are working well.
  • Announce any upcoming events and any group activities.

Experience has shown that it is helpful to the District Secretary if you email a written version of your report prior to the district meeting.  This ensures that all the details of your report are included in the minutes and nothing gets missed.  You can email your report to

Oregon Area Assemblies

Oregon Area 58 holds four service assemblies per year.  The assemblies are as follows:  February (Pre-General Service Conference), May (Post General Service Conference), September (Area Elections) and November (Service Committee roundtables). You can find further information on the Oregon Area 58 website.  

One of the agenda items at each assembly is GSR school. This session is designed to teach you about your role as a GSR.  It is recommended that you review the GSR workbook and bring a copy of it with you to the assembly. 

Oregon Area 58 Assembly Orientation

Prior to each assembly, the district holds an assembly orientation. This informational session is designed to give the GSR an opportunity to discover what the assembly is about, what to expect, what to do before and after the assembly and a platform to ask questions. This should give you a thorough understanding of what goes on at the assembly so that you may be of maximum service to your group. As each assembly has a different agenda it is suggested that you attend all four orientations throughout your first year of service. 

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