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Submit Your Event or Announcement

We are happy to review any events or announcements you would like to post on the A.A. District 5 website. However, we follow the A.A. Traditions and won't be able to post anything with the following information:

  • Non-AA event flyers.
  • Any flyer or announcement text containing the word "fundraiser" or asking for a "donation."
  • Flyers that could imply endorsement or affiliation with an outside entity.
  • Flyers that have an AA member’s full name and/or photograph.

If you meet the requirements, please provide all necessary information such as:

  • Event date.
  • Event time.
  • Location address.
  • Description of the event.
  • Complete Zoom login information, if online.
  • Anything else you want folks to know.


When ready, simply email your event/announcement to

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